Steam Trap Course


Steam traps are often forgotten because they are reliable steam system auxiliaries that operate for years before they fail.

When they do fail, non-working traps can have immediate adverse effects on your production, heat transfer systems, and heating systems. These adverse effects can easily be avoided by knowing when and how to check these traps.

In this 2-hour Online Course, we will introduce you to steam traps and proper inspection methods.


You will learn:

  1. Steam – Condensate System
  2. Types of Steam Traps
  3.  Principles of Operation
  4. Sizing and Applications
  5. Methods of Inspections
  6. Temperature Based Inspection Procedure
  7. Ultrasonic Inspection Procedure


Who Needs to Attend:

Energy Engineers, Millwrights, Steam Engineers, Pipefitter, Maintenance Personnel


Contact us to register.