Predictive Maintenance Trainings

4 Reasons to take ECS2 Group’s PdM Trainings:
1. They are developed for your maximum learning experience by dedicated machine inspectors who are passionate at teaching. The courses are a perfect mix between theory and practical information that are blended and presented in a way that is effective, fun, and highly educational.
2. Hands-on learning is incorporated in any of the courses. Your understanding of the concepts are enhanced and memory retention is improved drastically.
3. Non-vendor biased! You will learn what you need to learn to correctly perform an inspection, irregardless of the make and model of your equipment. No sales talk.
4. The best value for your time, energy, and financial investment.

Courses offered worldwide:

1. Level 1 Vibration Analysis Course
2. Level 2 Vibration Analysis Course
3. Level 1 Ultrasound Course
4. Level 2 Ultrasound Course
5. Air Leak Surveyor Course

6. Steam Trap Survey Course

We regularly hold Vibration Analysis and Ultrasound Trainings in Asia. Contact us for more info.

Who should be trained?

Anyone involved in predictive maintenance or asset reliability optimization should be properly trained. These include millwrights, electricians, maintenance engineers, maintenance planners, managers, energy engineers, supervisors, and reliability inspector.
Interested in Onsite Training? No problem. Onsite training integrates 1-2 hour field works into the class. Please contact us to schedule one at your location.

Public Trainings give an advantage of networking with other professionals from industries. See how your peers are doing and see how your company programs compare with others. Learn from the successes and failures from others.

Click here for the Public Training Calendar Schedule.

E-mail us for more info.