PdM Services

Predictive Maintenance Services & Energy Management


ECS2 Group Machine Healthcare provides services for predictive and preventive maintenance and are customized depending on your facility and maintenance reliability needs.

The machines will need regular Predictive Maintenance Inspection Tests which includes:

  1. Vibration Analysis

  2. Oil and Particle Analysis

  3. Ultrasound Lubrication

  4. Compressed Air Leak Survey


Infrared Thermography needs to be done on a regular basis for your electrical panels, transformers, bus bars, switchgears, control panels, and other electrical components.

Watch out for wasted energies! One that is easy to remedy is air leaks. A regular Air Leak Survey should be done to significantly minimize energy utility wastes due to compressed air leaks …. and avoid compromising the quality of your compressed air.

Take the Air Leak Surveyor’s Training and become an effective and efficient Air Leak Surveyor!