Level 2 Vibration Analysis


4-day Level 2 Vibration Analysis Course


This course is a continuation of the Level 1 Vibration Analysis Course. It also follows the guidelines of ISO certification.


This non-vendor biased course is designed for those with little vibration analysis background.  Developed and taught by a Level 3 ASNT certified Vibration Analyst, the goal is to give students interested in this

ECS2 Group Training Graduate performing vibration analysis.
ECS2 Group Training Graduate performing vibration analysis.

field deeper understanding of vibration analysis and confidence in interpreting vibration spectra.


Hands-on exercises relating to machine preparation, datalogging, and spectra interpretation will be done in the class to reinforce the lecture portion of the course. Every student in the class will have a chance to prepare and diagnose a machine using vibration analysis.


Delivering effective trainings is one of our passions. We give trainings all over the world. The trainings can be done at a public location’s conference room or at your own training location.



Who Should Attend

All Level 1 Certified Vibration Analysts.

It does not matter where and when you took your Level 1 Certification Training.

Please send a copy of your Level 1 Certificate during registration.



Contact us at 905.593.2345 to register or for additional information.