L2 Ultrasound Course


Level 2 Ultrasound Certification Training

Non-Vendor Biased * Hands-on Learning * Taught by Ultrasonic Field Experts


Do you want to explore Ultrasound further? Do you want to have a deeper understanding of Airborne and Structure-borne Ultrasound for Predictive Maintenance, Machine Condition Monitoring, and Energy Management? If so, then the Level 2 Ultrasound Certification Training is for you.

This course also covers how Infrared Thermography, Vibration Analysis, and Ultrasound works together to increase machine reliability, operation efficiency and uptime. Case studies will be presented during class.


Who should be attending this training?


Anyone involved in predictive maintenance or asset reliability optimization should consider taking this  training. Past attendees include millwrights, electricians, maintenance engineers, maintenance planners, managers, energy engineers, supervisors, and reliability inspectors.


Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Level 1 Ultrasound Certification Training course from ECS2 Group or from any other training organizations.



Ultrasound Certification Training Fee  includes the Certification Training, Training Manual, Certification Exams, lunches, snacks, plant project support, and Certificate.  



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