L1 Vibration Analysis

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4 – day Level 1 Vibration Analysis Course


Imagine being able to diagnose machine faults. Is it bearing problem? Imbalance? Looseness? What is spectra resolution?

This non-vendor biased course is designed for those with little or no vibration analysis background. We cover the basic principles in order to give a good understanding on machine vibration analysis. It does not matter who the manufacturer of your vibration analyzer is, if you already have one. The important thing is that you know how to do analysis and take proper readings to ensure that your data is valid.


L2 Vibe copy
Learning to read vibration spectrum.

A good example is a medical doctor. One doctor may prefer to use a different brand of stethoscope to listen to your heart rate and another doctor may prefer to use another brand. But both of them are trained how to use a stethoscope to listen to the patient’s heart rate and to know what heart rate is normal or not.

The same thing with our trainings. We train you the basic principles in vibration analysis so that you can be successful in diagnosing machine problem, regardless of who the manufacturer of your analyzer is.

The course also follows the ISO guidelines for certification.

Hands-on exercises relating to machine preparation, datalogging, and spectra interpretation will be done in class on the 3rd day of the training. This hands-on experience gives the student a much better feel on what he will be doing in the field so that when he goes back to his workplace, he will be in a much better preparedness to do vibration analysis.

A 4-hour certification exam on the 4th day will be given to those who are looking at becoming a certified vibration analyst.

We give trainings all over the world. We want you to be successful and confident in doing machine vibration analysis. It does not matter where you are. We will come and deliver the training provided a big enough class can be organized. The trainings can be done at a public conference room or at your own training location. Training is given by a Level 3 field experienced vibration analyst.

Who Should Attend

Millwrights, Vibration Analysts, Reliability Professionals, Maintenance Supervisors, Engineers, Maintenance Managers, Team Leaders, and anyone involve in the maintenance of plant machineries.