L1 Ultrasound

Level 1 Ultrasound Certification Training
Non-Vendor Biased * Hands-on Learning

How would it be if we can extend our sense of hearing so that we can hear the sounds that are too high for us to hear? Do we really want to do that? Of course, if it means that it will help save the planet, our jobs, and it will help us understand our machines more.

Extend your sense of hearing! You’ll be fascinated at the sounds that you will hear. What does your machine trying to tell you? Can you accurately locate the 8 psi differential pressure gas leak in a very noisy environment?

Yes, you can locate that leak and yes, you can understand what your machine is telling you. Use your expanded hearing capability (ultrasonic detector to your ears) and know how to interpret what you hear. Use airborne ultrasound to troubleshoot the equipments in your facility and measure the sound level. What does the measurement mean? What are you hearing?

After you take our Level 1 Ultrasound Certification Course, you will know what to do with the measurements, how to interpret what you hear, and learn proper inspection methods, regardless of the brand and make of your ultrasonic equipment, AND regardless of your current level of ultrasound experience.

Be Trained to Succeed!
Our course is non-vendor biased. It means that we teach the principles and methods of Ultrasound so you can be successful in using it. It means that there is NO sales talk. We will teach you to be successful in using your own detector, not someone else’s ultrasonic detector.
Take the case of a medical doctor. One doctor may prefer to use a different brand of stethoscope to listen to your heart rate and another doctor may prefer to use another brand. But both of them are trained on how to use a stethoscope to listen to the patient’s heart rate and to know what heart rate is normal or not.

The same thing with our trainings. We train you the basic principles in vibration analysis so that you can be successful in diagnosing machine problem, regardless of who the manufacturer of your analyzer is. No sales talk! You will come out from our trainings informed and enriched in using ultrasound.

You are encouraged to bring your ultrasonic detector if you have one, to class so you can use it during the hands-on portion of the training. You will be doing inspections in the class to get a better experience in using your detector in different situations. An instructor with over 18 years experience will be there to guide you.

3-Day Level 1 Ultrasonic Certification Course Curriculum
1. Maintenance Philosophies
2. Types of Energies
3. Common Industrial Machineries
4. Sound Principles
5. Ultrasound: What, When, Where, and How?
6. Understanding and Using your own Ultrasonic Detector
7. Ultrasound Role in PdM and Condition Monitoring
8. Using Ultrasound for Bearing Inspections
9. Optimizing Bearing Lubrication with Ultrasound
10. Using Ultrasound in Internal “Flow-No Flow” Conditions Assessment
11. Ultrasound in Leak Testing Environments
12. Using Ultrasound for Positive Pressure Leak Detection and Location
13. Leak Costing
14. Inspection Reporting
15. Ultrasound Leak Testing in Vacuum Systems
16. Ultrasound Leak Testing in Zero Pressure Differential Systems
17. Using Ultrasound to Inspect Electrical Equipments
18. Strengths and Limitations of Airborne Ultrasound
19. Written and Practical Certification Exam
20. Airborne Ultrasonic Plant Project

Hands on inspections in each of the applications are integrated so students will have a chance to do actual ultrasonic inspections and reinforce the lecture portion of the training.

Students are encouraged to submit an optional Airborne Ultrasonic Inspection Project to further apply what they learned in the training when they go back to their workplace. Details of the project will be discussed in the class.

Who should be attending this training?

Anyone involved in predictive maintenance or asset reliability optimization should consider taking this training. Attendees include millwrights, electricians, maintenance engineers, maintenance planners, managers, energy engineers, supervisors, business owners, and reliability inspectors.

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Worldwide Trainings

We give trainings all over the world. We want you to be successful and confident in doing ultrasonic inspections. It does not matter where you are. We will come and deliver the training provided a big enough class can be organized. The trainings can be done at a public conference room or at your own training location.

Remember that our trainers are also successful ultrasonic inspectors. You benefit from field experience that we have learned over the years. And we do not hesitate to share them with you in the class.

Contact us to register or for additional information.