Compressed Air Leak Survey


Hsssss …… If you hear the sound of your compressed air leaks then you only detected about 20% of your actual number of air leaks in your facility. According to an industrial study, the other 80% are not detected due to leak size, location, accessibility, hearing capability, and  environmental conditions.




ECS2 Group’s Air Leak Surveyors have saved companies over 1 million dollars in wasted utility energy, equipment, and manpower costs over time. The opportunity for savings continue to climb as utility costs continue to rise.

Compressed air was never free. To produce it and just throw it out as a leak is synonymous to throwing away profitability. It puts production and reliability at risk.

We help improve the profitability of your company by eliminating energy wastes.

We like detecting, locating, and reporting compressed air leaks in your facility. We are experienced surveyors who are passionate about helping your business and the environment.

After finding all possible leaks, you will receive a well laid out report, ready to forward to your planner for repair scheduling.

The report consists of leak description, identification, leak rate from the leak path, annual cost savings, and images.


Contact us if you have any questions or to schedule a plant visit in your facility.