Compressed Air Leak Survey Training


Air Leak Surveyor Certification Training Course

Gain not only confidence but an organized mindset in doing an Air Leak Survey to make the most of your time and to save the most amount of wasted energy. Confidence comes from knowledge and experience. Knowledge will be given during the training by an experienced Air Leak Surveyor, experience will be shared to you, as well as acquired by you during the hands-on section of the training. This course is non-vendor biased, practical, and very useful.


Why do a regular Air Leak Survey?

The first reason is economics. Compressed Air is expensive. The amount and cost of energy used to produce compressed air is high and is continuously increasing. It is important for the financial health of the business, to control and minimize energy wastes. This should be everyone’s job since everyone’s job gets impacted when the business is not profitable.

Another reason for a regular implementation of Air Leak Survey is process contamination. Believe me, when the right factors come into play, air leaks can cause an unscheduled and immediate plant shutdown. That has happened to a Pulp and Paper Mill that I used to work for. Fortunately, we were smart enough not to let the mistake happen again. It has costed us enough. It is said that he who learns from the mistake of others is wiser.

Take the opportunity then to learn from others and take this course.



Who should attend:

Energy Engineers, Maintenance Personnel, Millwrights, Utility Personnel, Pipefitters, Instrumentation Personnel, Reliability Maintenance, Maintenance Technicians, and Planners.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their ultrasonic detectors to the class if they have one.

Registration fee covers the training, Air Leak Surveyor’s Manual, lunch, refreshments, and certification exams.


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