ECS2 Group

Predictive maintenance of  machines saves valuable time and resources in any facilities. It allows monitoring the health condition of physical assets for proper response in a timely manner. Common predictive and preventive maintenance diagnostic tools include Oil Analysis, Ultrasound, Vibration Analysis, Infrared Thermography, and Motor Current Analysis.

ECS2 (Equipment Condition Sustainable Solutions) Group provides Ultrasound and Vibration Analysis Certification Courses and Inspection Services.

The instructors are highly skilled and experienced field technicians who love to share their knowledge through certification trainings. You will learn not only the concepts of your field of study but also lessons from the field experiences of the instructors. These perfect blend greatly enhances your learning and success.


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4-Day Vibration Certification Courses:

Level 1 Vibration Analysis

Level 2 Vibration Analysis


3-Day Ultrasound Certification Courses:

Level 1 Airborne UltrasoundLevel 2 Airborne Ultrasound


1-Day Energy Management Courses:

How to Perform Thorough Compressed Air Leak Survey in Your FacilityHow to Perform Proper Steam Traps Survey


Some Students’ Reviews on Their Trainings:

“The Certification Training will save us time and money. Before we had our training, we were doing many guessworks.” – D. Hughes, City of Mississauga

“This training opened a lot of avenues for new Predictive Maintenance methods we did not know before.” – A. Robertson, DeBeers Canada

“The instructor is 10 out of 10! Very knowledgeable and explains very well.” – J. Thibodeau, Agrium

“I will recommend ECS2 Group’s trainings to anyone involved in mechanical maintenance.” – H. Vanderburg, City of Toronto

The training was excellent! The trainer easily relates her ideas and experiences. She took us in a journey of learning to help improve our maintenance programs. – Romel Ong, Pilmico, Philippines

“The instructor being a field inspector also and a certified analyst added a depth into the training which you can not get from one who is not a field inspector.” – K. Mhalik, OPG Senior Manager

“The training was very appropriate for us. Thank you for coming to the arctic to give us our training.” – E. Tardiff, DeBeers

“I have a better understanding now of machine vibration and faults. The training gave me confidence to do vibration diagnostics.” – D. Patterson. Arcilor Mittal

“I will be using this training every day. I highly recommend the trainings to new hires or new transfers to maintenance department.” – A. Edgett, NB Power Nuclear

Madam Liane Harris teaches very well. It is very easy for her to explain different things in a way that I understand. I look forward to learning more from her. – Mark Caragay, Jagben Plant Operations, Philippines

“The training is very beneficial. We have a lot of use for this in our facility.” – I. Spittle, Georgia Pacific

“We learned a lot from the training. A concept that was complex was explained in simple terms, easy to understand, and with concrete examples.” – B. House, Michelin Canada

“So glad that I took the training. I am very interested in vibration analysis and this gives me the confidence and understanding to do the work. Great training!” – S. Lakhanpal, TransNorthern Pipelines

“I highly recommend ECS2 Group’s training. We will send some more of our people in the years to come. The training is practical and taught by a patient, knowledgeable, and field expert instructor.” – B. Morice, City of Toronto

The training will help me and my company in minimizing downtimes. It will also improve the reliability of our equipment, especially the critical ones.” – Gregory Tucay, Pilmico, Philippines